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Shut down Guzoo Animal Farm

Guzoo Animal Farm is a roadside zoo in Three Hills, Alberta. A "Roadside Zoo" is defined as such:

"The roadside zoo is a grossly substandard, usually amateur facility that lacks trained, experienced animal care staff, proper funding and safety practices. Animals are confined to small, barren, often filthy cages, with next to nothing to do day in and day out. Animals in roadside zoos suffer poor welfare as a result of inadequate housing, care and diet. Deprived of opportunities to exercise their natural behaviors, most animals experience some degree of frustration and boredom. In the most severe cases, these animals become psychologically disturbed and may manifest abnormal behaviours."
— World Society for the Protection of Animals, "Barren Cages, Empty Lives: Roadside Zoos in Canada" (download the report in PDF)

Guzoo Animal Farm has been under pressure to improve for over two decades, yet very little has changed and government agencies continue to deny responsibility and refuse to enforce zoo regulations. Animals are suffering and dying despite glaring violations under both the Alberta Animal Protection Act and the Alberta Zoo Regulations.

Animals are kept in barren enclosures with little regard to their natural environment. Intelligent primates, big cats, wild canines and other animals are kept in enclosures too small to allow them to run or achieve a full range of motion and are denied environmental enrichment, making their lives boring and redundant. The animals at Guzoo are most commonly seen begging for bread from visitors, pacing a small worn path in their cage, or staring listlessly into space. Little regard is paid towards proper diets, temperatures or environmental conditions for specific species leading to chronic health conditions and even death. The owner of Guzoo commonly refers to the facility as a farm and states that the animals are cared for as farm animals, however, the care of a cow or a horse is far different than the care of a tiger or a macaque. Dead animals are frequently seen in their enclosures and sick animals are a common sight.

According to the Alberta Zoo Regulations, Peace Officers with the ASPCA have the power to investigate and enforce standards under the APA and have the power to write up a report based on their investigation listing recommended changes for Alberta Sustainable Resources and Fish and Wildlife to act upon.

The ASPCA has denied multiple times over the phone that they can't do anything about the care of the animals trapped at Guzoo, but this is not true. They have the ability to jump start a full investigation by the government but continue to pass the buck and shirk their responsibilities to these animals.

This is not to say that SRD and Fish and Wildlife are not at fault; they have taken no initiative to improve upon Alberta's roadside zoos since they implemented the new regulations in 2006. They rarely respond to emails from the public and have yet to act upon any of our complaints. SRD continues to renew their zoo license every April 1st despite public complaint. We are also concerned that Fish and Wildlife uses the Guzoo from time to time to get rid of roadkill (to feed to the carnivores) and that they have given Guzoo orphaned and injured wildlife that cannot be released, a quick and easy way to get them off of their hands.

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