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CCAAWPS (Council of Concerned Albertans for Animal Welfare and Public Safety) is a group of concerned citizens who believe in strong enforcement of Alberta Zoo Standards. Since early 2011, considerable media and public attention has been given to the deplorable conditions at Guzoo, Canada’s largest roadside “zoo” located in Three Hills, Alberta. We need to ask MLAs to use the full authority of the government and the legislation to remove ALL animals from Guzoo.

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For background, check out some of the more important documents released during the course of the campaign, in these sections:

Reports: includes the CAZA report which released a damning evaluation of Guzoo.

Backgrounder: exposé of inadequate animal protection in Alberta. 

Mar 31

GuZoo Animal Farm given 30 days to fix problems or shut down

posted by CCAAWPS

CCAAWPS has recently received news that as of April 1, 2015, GuZoo Animal Farm has not been given their normal 1 year zoo permit renewal. Instead they are only being given a 30-day conditional permit. it appears the province has finally decided to stand by its zoo standards and enforce them. In a recent media article, it was stated by John Tchir, Resource Manager for ESRD, that he informed Lynn Gustafson that of all previous inspections, none were done "correctly." We are heartened to know that the province of Alberta is finally acknowledging the long history of issues with Guzoo and their own improper assessments of the beleaguered roadside zoo. They have been given an ultimatum of 30 days to fix the deficiencies and comply with Alberta Zoo Standards. At this time, we do not know exactly what issues the government are referring to.

Read ZooCheck's most recent report on the GuZoo Animal Farm, here.

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Jul 08

Graphic new images surface of Guzoo animal farm

posted by CCAAWPS

Update: Metro Calgary has published a story about the new photographic evidence here. The video (which has been trimmed and captioned) is available for viewing hereImages are here and on our Facebook page.)

CCAAWPS has obtained new damning photographic and video evidence of negligent practices at Guzoo Animal Farm in Three Hills, Alberta.

This evidence was obtained through an anonymous whistleblower during the Canada Day long weekend. It shows the appalling conditions GuZoo's animals are still forced to live in, despite the Alberta Government’s assurances that GuZoo has been inspected and is meeting Alberta Zoo Standards.

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May 27

Damaged fences at Guzoo say everything about Guzoo’s safety record, not animal welfare groups

posted by CCAAWPS

We've taken note of the media flap around the recently damaged fences around Guzoo, and have read some of the comments accusing animal welfare campaigners of this action. We, as CCAAWPS, have a very clear statement about this incident.

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Apr 26

The Slaughtering: Springtime At Guzoo

posted by Rob B

On April 20th, a member of CCAAWPS attended the GuZoo and was disgusted, to say the least, by what was found. We are led to conclude that injured or sick animals in GuZoo's care are being killed in advance of Guzoo's May 1st opening, rather than being given proper veterinary care. What follows is an account of a trip to Guzoo by a CCAAWPS member, disturbing photographs follow.


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Dec 14

Guzoo Cries Wolf

posted by CCAAWPS

May 16, 2012, a heartbreaking story was published by various media outlets: "GuZoo Wolves (allegedly) Poisoned, Pups Orphaned". I'm paraphrasing of course, but considering the zoo's quick move to implicate animal rights activists, the term 'allegedly' appeared to be an afterthought. Nearly seven months have passed, and the silence surrounding the circumstances of the wolves' demise is deafening.

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Nov 28

The story so far…

posted by CCAAWPS

Despite an order to decommision following a government inspection in 2011, Alberta Sustainable Resources and Developement quietly reinstated Guzoo Animal Farm's license in October of 2012. A number of people concerned about the disheartening situation with Guzoo's re-opening have suggested a recap of events leading up to and after the court case, and where we go from here.

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Apr 04

Government refuses to follow its own standards, keeps Guzoo open

posted by Rob B

Hundreds of letters are being sent to MLAs from constituents demanding to know why the province has not followed through on its promise to close Canada's worst zoo – The Guzoo Animal Farm.

Located in Three Hills, Alberta, the Guzoo poses a serious threat to public safety, and is a notoriously poor example of Alberta's commitment to animal welfare. Albertans have demonstrated that they have not forgotten about this deplorable facility, and are interested in the candidates' positions regarding the continuing operation of Guzoo.

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Dec 23

Calgary Herald changes GuZoo story significantly, more info as it becomes available

posted by CCAAWPS

Last night The Calgary Herald reported that Alberta Tourism struck a "deal" with GuZoo to allow them to remain open, but only a few hours later, the story had been significantly revised and names "government" spokespersons as representing Alberta Sustainable Resources and Development. Significant mention of conditions were wiped from the article in the revision, such as a requirement for the GuZoo to maintain two-million dollars' liability insurance for animal bites. (Read the full original Herald story here.)

An "adjournment" is not the same thing as having the case "thrown out," and the article terms what has happened as allowing GuZoo to "remain open" not "re-open." Though it is a travesty that a stay of the decommissioning of the zoo would nonetheless permit GuZoo to open its doors, given the concerns cited in the SRD-Commissioned CAZA Report, this is not a significant change in the fortunes of GuZoo.

As we understood it, the government was to present its case at the GuZoo Animal Farm's judicial review next month, a review that would be expensive for GuZoo. It seems highly unlikely that they would reach a "deal" with GuZoo from a position of strength.

Regardless, we will be following up on this news story and proposing courses of action to take place early in the New Year to bring Alberta's dismal legislation regarding animal welfare to public awareness, and to pressure the Alberta government to take action.

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Nov 13

Stop the Canmore rabbit cull!

posted by CCAAWPS

On November 10, 2011, CCAAWPS sent the following letter to the officials of Canmore, Alberta, regarding the domestic rabbit cull to begin on Monday, November 14, 2011.

Dear Mayor Casey, Councillors Ed Russell, Gordie Miscow, Hans Helder, Jim Ridley, Joanna McCallum, and John Borrowman,

I am writing to you on befalf of our non profit organization, CCAAWPS, The Council of Concerned Albertans for Animal Welfare and Public Safety, in regards to the proposed rabbit cull that is to begin Monday, November 14, 2011.

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Oct 28

Write Premier Redford and ask her to support improved animal welfare in Alberta

posted by Rob B

We know it's close to that weekend you work so hard for, but before you go, please send off a form letter from CAAWPS to Alberta's new premier, Allison Redford, in support of closing GuZoo and strengthening Animal Protection and Zoo Standards while she's leading the province's government. Takes 30 seconds, please share with friends!

Dear Premier Redford...

Form letter at the link above.